Sustainability guidelines



  • We are proud that NMH plants are used wherever the variety of measurement, assembly and test procedures in the individual production steps requires particularly high flexibility, accuracy of fit and performance.
  • Sales is the job of everyone at NMH, all executives are measured by their success in sales. We achieve high customer loyalty through excellent startup support and service.
  • In communication with our customers, our executives are supported by employees giving impulses and ideas for cost-effective innovation
  • Our suppliers are as powerful and sustainable as we are.

Social issues

  • Our lifestyles correspond with the requested deadlines of our customers.
  • The billable hours are the measure for a clever allocation of working hours in the department.
  • For us, health is a measure for the quality of life achieved.
  • To support desired behavior, we organize trainings and provide data on sustainable business management.
  • Focusing on our work, we do not forget to talk to each other.
  • We strive for tasks to be carried out by the most suitable people.
  • Operational success will save the company’s continued existence and jobs.


  • In product creation and problem solving, we contribute measurable aspects of sustainability (economic, environmental and social) for our customers.
  • Our technology helps users to avoid errors and rejects. By avoiding errors and reducing waste, we protect the natural resources in all involved production steps.
  • The application of our management system standards ensures the continuous improvement of performance in all required areas of NMH.
  • Beyond complying with applicable binding obligations, we are committed to continuously improving performance.

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