Social responsibility

We are committed to the sustainability policy and the code of conduct

The entrepreneurial goals of NMH must take into account social aspects and therefore be in harmony with the interests of society.

NMH is committed to the "sustainability guidelines" and the "code of conduct", which are at the heart of our corporate activities and, also determine the cooperation with our business partners.

These documents are based on internationally recognized guidelines :

  • UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Core labour standards of the ILO  
  • ILO (International Labour Organisation) Declaration on Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work

In addition, if applicable, international, national and local regulations, labour laws and other contractual or non-contractual agreements shall apply.

The following elements determine our principles of social responsibility:

  • Human rights
  • Children's rights
  • Fair working conditions 
  • Free choice of employment
  • Equal opportunities
  • Employee representation
  • Work and health protection
  • Exclusion of corruption
  • Environment and sustainabilit

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