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Our mission? The paperless factory!

We, the NMH company, are among the "hidden champions" for complex measuring, testing and assembly systems and, more recently, pioneers in the field of "digital solutions". We offer complete solutions from development and production to assembly and commissioning.

With the claim "Innovation is our world", we fulfil the highest expectations and solutions on 4 continents so far: In Europe, Asia, North and South America as well as in Africa, leading companies trust in our quality and our innovative strength.

Now we also want to offer our customers added value with "Digital solutions".

Our mission? The paperless factory: because we are pursuing the goal of managing the entire production on an electronic basis, without paper. This should make work easier, increase efficiency and conserve resources.

Internally, we have already succeeded in realising projects with the mission "paperless production" - in production about 15 % more productive than before in terms of planning and managing orders". In addition, a unique interface in production for sustainability and energy saving is currently being created with the "SmartEcoBox", which will change production in the near future.

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