Press-fit technology

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Using their own electric press , NMH is specialist for various press-fit tasks, e.g. for defined pressing of rubber bearings (GuLa), spring link bearings (FeLa), ball bearings , subframe mounts (FaLa), ball sleeve joints and linear bushings, especially in vehicle manufacturing (for vehicle parts such as, wheel carriers, wishbones, handlebars, rear axles, frames, valve guides, valve seat rings .

Common terms:

  • Electric servo-cylinder (ESZ = Elektro-Servo-Zylinder)
  • Electric servo-press (ESP = Elektro-Servo-Presse)
  • Electric press (EP = Elektro-Presse)
  • Electric cylinder (EZ = Elektro-Zylinder

Screwing the rear axle carriers (RAC)

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Fully automated system

  • RAC moves with floor transport system (FTS) in the machine
  • Lowering the floating plate
  • Fully automatic screwing of the cpl. RAC
  • Customer: BMW Dingolfing

NMH electric press for gearbox housing

For bearing halves, shaft gasket rings, covers, casings or bolts. You can handle all of your press-in tasks in a secure process with an NMH electric press.

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NMH press-in machine for strux screws

Strux® are a proven, reliable and affordable alternative to conventional welding screws, rivets or press-in bolts. NMH provides the press-in systems.

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Axle assembly front axle/rear axle rubber bearings

    Cycle time: 50 s (including component handling by robot) >> Press-in force 50 kN, force / path monitoring

  • Press-in of 2 x rubber bearings and 2 x suspension arm bearings on the rear axle bearing
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