Lifting technology

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NMH manufactures hoists and load bearing devices according to customer drawings or according to our own design and calculation. NMH hoists can be customized.

We design and manufacture support forks, C-clamps, C-forks, (parallel) spindle clamps, shear pliers, special adapters, pneumatic grippers, crossbeams, eye hooks, arbors, hooks, (parallel) grippers, three-arm grippers, screw-on adapters, (turning) load-bearing brackets, special ring bolts and similar lifting equipment.


Transmission joining fixture

The transmission is grabbed at the pick-up position with the transmission joining fixture. The suspension of the fixture compensates the weight of the transmission with a pneumatic weight balance.

The worker can now move the transmission up to the engine with the kinematics of the fixture. The engine and transmission data are stored in the control program with a few parameters. The passively and actively compensating design assures a gentle joining process with parallel alignment between the engine and transmission. The worker aligns the transmission gear wheels and starts the monitored joining process with the push of a button.

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Hoisting devices

The CE documentation required in accordance with EC Directives is provided with every delivery of our hoisting devices and slings

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Portal handling

Whether for transport from round containers, handling of cubic components or pick and place tasks, NMH portal handling offers you flexibility in terms of transport weight, transport paths and approach positions.

Universally adaptable grabber solutions enable a diverse range of applications.

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