Assembly technology

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We develop complete solutions for measuring, testing and assembly systems from the design to the final production, assembly and commissioning.


Transmission joining fixture

The transmission is grabbed at the pick-up position with the transmission joining fixture. The suspension of the fixture compensates the weight of the transmission with a pneumatic weight balance.

The worker can now move the transmission up to the engine with the kinematics of the fixture. The engine and transmission data are stored in the control program with a few parameters. The passively and actively compensating design assures a gentle joining process with parallel alignment between the engine and transmission. The worker aligns the transmission gear wheels and starts the monitored joining process with the push of a button.

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Transmission assembly and measurement

Fully-automatic system for assembly and measurement of front and rear axle transmissions. The transmission is indexed with a workpiece carrier and is fed via a belt system.

Drive bevel gear and drive flange assembly system

Gear box housing, drive bevel gear and inner bearing rings for the drive bevel gear are taken from the workpiece carrier by a robot grabber and placed in the system.

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Suspension strut assembly

Universal tools and holders enable construction of left and right suspension struts for both front and rear axles.

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Lanchester transmission

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The base plate with floating suspension of the Lanchester grabber enables precise joining of the Lanchester in the index bores of the crankshaft housing. After the joining, the Lanchester is fastened on the crankcase housing automatically (torque and angle of rotation are monitored). The measuring and drive unit are combined as a single unit on the crankshaft.


Cab welding fixture

Pivoting and walkable NMH final welding fixture for cabs

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Robot grabber

The part handling of the workpieces from the workpiece carrier to the fixture and back takes place with a robot-operated grabber. The design of the robot grabber takes place in consideration of the interfering contours on the workpiece carrier and in the fixture, as well as simulation of the robot movements.

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