Crack detection


Brake disc inspection and measuring

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Fully automatic system for the inspection and measurement of brake discs:

  • Brake disc input "one-piece-flow" by means of a roller conveyor
  • Brake disc isolation and preparation
  • Transport between the stations by means of an automatic lifting shuttle
  • Fully automatic setup by means of type specification via the control system
  • Static and dynamic measurement of the brake discs in the μ-area
  • Crack detection top and bottom
  • Brake disc labelling
  • Automatic measurement master delivery and measuring
  • Sorting of NIO parts
  • QA with BDE connection via the central host computer system
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Brake discmeasuring (for small batch)

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Manually assembled system for the measuring of brake discs

  • Type input by means of a barcode or WP number
  • Automatic type control using the diameter and pot height (collision
    protection for probe)
  • With 5 NC axles highly flexible without modification (batch size 1 for
    identical centre holes)
  • Dynamic measuring on high-precision air bearings
  • Easy parts setup without the need for any programming knowledge
  • Wear parts available for various centre holes
  • Simple operation using the handheld terminal
  • Special programs for test equipment capability procedures 1/2/6, master
    as well as calibration measuring

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