Static measure


Brake disc inspection and measuring

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Fully automatic system for the inspection and measurement of brake discs:

  • Brake disc input "one-piece-flow" by means of a roller conveyor
  • Brake disc isolation and preparation
  • Transport between the stations by means of an automatic lifting shuttle
  • Fully automatic setup by means of type specification via the control system
  • Static and dynamic measurement of the brake discs in the μ-area
  • Crack detection top and bottom
  • Brake disc labelling
  • Automatic measurement master delivery and measuring
  • Sorting of NIO parts
  • QA with BDE connection via the central host computer system
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Brake discmeasuring (for small batch)

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Manually assembled system for the measuring of brake discs

  • Type input by means of a barcode or WP number
  • Automatic type control using the diameter and pot height (collision
    protection for probe)
  • With 5 NC axles highly flexible without modification (batch size 1 for
    identical centre holes)
  • Dynamic measuring on high-precision air bearings
  • Easy parts setup without the need for any programming knowledge
  • Wear parts available for various centre holes
  • Simple operation using the handheld terminal
  • Special programs for test equipment capability procedures 1/2/6, master
    as well as calibration measuring

Dimension control device

Dimension control device exhaust gas heat exchanger

With the dimension control device(fig. 1), components (in this case the
exhaust gas heat exchanger) and their connections are checked for dimensional accuracy. For this purpose, the component is placed on the support points and manually fixed using a clamping lever. By pneumatically locking the clamping lever the component is prevented from being removed during the inspection process or the in order (IO) /not in order (NIO) identification.

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Transmission assembly and measurement

Fully-automatic system for assembly and measurement of front and rear axle transmissions. The transmission is indexed with a workpiece carrier and is fed via a belt system.

Drive bevel gear and drive flange assembly system

Gear box housing, drive bevel gear and inner bearing rings for the drive bevel gear are taken from the workpiece carrier by a robot grabber and placed in the system.

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Measurement of driving pinion and transmission housing

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Measuring station driving pinion

After the manual insertion of the bevel gear, the diameter of the head bearing outer ring, the pinion height and the runout are measured under the load of the drive bevel gear in order to determine the thickness of the shim (S1) for the given block dimension (distance between pinion head and pinion shaft axle) - for the further assembly process.

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Measuring station transmission housing

Measurement and control of the identification and quality values such as bore diameter, depth and angularity of the bore axes. The machine has two automatically exchangeable measuring heads for different housings. Independent calibration takes place using a gauger.


Lanchester transmission

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The base plate with floating suspension of the Lanchester grabber enables precise joining of the Lanchester in the index bores of the crankshaft housing. After the joining, the Lanchester is fastened on the crankcase housing automatically (torque and angle of rotation are monitored). The measuring and drive unit are combined as a single unit on the crankshaft.


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