Screw together


Screwing the rear axle carriers (RAC)

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Fully automated system

  • RAC moves with floor transport system (FTS) in the machine
  • Lowering the floating plate
  • Fully automatic screwing of the cpl. RAC
  • Customer: BMW Dingolfing

Measuring, assembly and inspection stations for oil pumps

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For the production of a new oil pump type for a high end German car manufacturer, our customer SHW required a system that would allow it to reliably assemble and measure oil pumps and to subject them to a performance test. NMH proved to be a competent project partner for the implementation of their concept.


Lanchester transmission

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The base plate with floating suspension of the Lanchester grabber enables precise joining of the Lanchester in the index bores of the crankshaft housing. After the joining, the Lanchester is fastened on the crankcase housing automatically (torque and angle of rotation are monitored). The measuring and drive unit are combined as a single unit on the crankshaft.


Pivoting device DRM 100-100

The NMH swivel device (engine changer) is the ideal device for e.g. performing manual work on car engines, transmissions, large square parts or housings. It can swivel 360 degrees to the left and right with a transmission engine and can therefore rotate into the position which is most ergonomic for the installer, ensuring a high level of flexibility.

All components necessary for controlling and powering the device are compactly integrated and easily accessible for service purposes. The swivel mechanism allows for the secure and flexible pivoting of the workpieces. Due to the intelligent quick-change adapter solution the device can be converted to different dimensions and fixture measurements within a very short time.

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