• 17.08.1943: First registration of the company Josef Fimpel in the Register of Craftsmen. Initially repair and also production of agricultural machinery under the direction of the engineer Josef Fimpel.

  • Development of a cutterwith two blades shaft rotating in opposite directions, this was a global novelty.

  • The engineer Herbert Müller joined the company Fimpel. Under his leadership, the cutters were developed further and the first table cutter launched.

  • On 2nd October 1979, merchant Heinrich Nagel and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Hans Peter Nagel joined the company as partners.

    Under the direction of Hans Peter Nagel, special machines for the automotive industry were developed and manufactured in addition to the meat processing machines.

  • As part of the name change, Fimpel becomes the managing company and Nagel & Müller GmbH the operating company.

    The meat processing machines (cutters and meat grinders) are now manufactured and sold under the registered trademark CUTTEX by Nagel & Müller.

  • Extension of production by an assembly hall of 900 square meters with overhead crane.

    Establishment of an electrical design office.

  • Herbert Müller leaves the company.

  • The company mourns the loss of their senior partner Heinrich Nagel. Hans Peter Nagel becomes sole managing partner.

  • Acquisition of Wedel Fleischereimaschinentechnik from Darmstadt. Wedel takes over the development of the meat processing machine market.

    The production range is expanded, offering now an almost complete product range for meat and sausage production can be offered.

  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

  • Completion of the development project measuring computer MEC II with Windows NT operating system and software under C++ Builder.

    Josef Fimpel GmbH & Co KG is renamed HP Nagel GmbH + Co KG.

  • Expansion of the design / engineering department to the building Gräfin Monika Str. 31. 30 CAD work stations are created.

    Extension of 3-D design to CATIA V5.

  • Restructuring of the NMH product portfolio:

    Development and construction of special machines for automotive manufacturers and suppliers,

    General automation, in particular also measuring and testing machines,

    Development of measuring computers and electronic units,

    Setting stands e.g. for rear axles,

    Production and distribution of meat processing machines under CUTTEX, -

  • On 1st June 2005, NMH GmbH + Co KG is founded from the two companies Nagel & Müller GmbH and Alexander Frick GmbH. Shareholders are Alexander Frick and Peter Nagel (50% each). The new managing director is Alexander Frick. The company A. Frick continues to operate as Plant 2 and expands the NMH portfolio with the areas of mould making and plastic injection moulding.

  • Peter Nagel leaves the company. Alexander Frick takes over all shares.

  • The injection mould construction is outsourced from plant 2 and moves to the new plant 3.

  • NMH establishes a company-owned pension scheme - employees receive a company pension.

  • 7.5 million Euros for NMH new company building
    NMH announces a large construction project in Hohentengen with the move to the business park „Am Flugplatz“.

    24th November 2014: groundbreaking – NMH new company building

  • October 2015: move to new building

  • Start of planning for the first extension of the 2015 factory building.

  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

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