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Industrielles 3D Druck Teil

NMH 3D printing

Industrial 3D printing

For the production of prototypes, tools, individual and serial parts.
Tool and unmanned production of complex components. The possibilities of shape and color are almost
unlimited. The processing of various plastics, depending on
Requirements for the finished component are possible, e.g. PLA, HT, Carbon, PA6, PLA Soft. Combining is possible due to the 4-fold pressure
different materials and colors can be realized within one component.

Time- and cost-efficient manufacture of your components based on finished CAD data or including design and detailing by NMH based on sketches or other component data. The material consumption is low. More complex components are built by so-called "hips"
supported (smart support). A continuous print is by an automatic
Role change ensured. Additive manufacturing offers a multitude of possibilities and advantages compared to conventional manufacturing processes.

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3D printing

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