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Digitale Fertigung im Einsatz

Digital manufacturing - made easy

With the production software COCO (ControlCockpit) developed in-house by NMH, all production processes can be monitored and managed in the future.

Everything is integrated, from the machine status to the planning board and the direct call-up of drawings to feedback on the number of items produced and the location of articles.  

By using "CoCo", printouts and documents are a thing of the past.

Process and production data can be changed and tracked in real time using "tags".

Every employee always has up-to-date and complete data.

NMH CoCo - The tool for your production

Paperless production always at a glance:

- Order management

- Deadline monitoring of the production parts

- Measurement and test report

- Machine overview / maintenance plan

- Planning board / production

- Warehouse management

- Checklists

- ERP interface compatible

- Tool and machine management

Paperless production:

In the age of digitization, manufacturing processes based on paper forms can no longer withstand digitized industry. With the introduction of paperless production, NMH is setting new standards in terms of progress and ecological action. NMH relies on the use of ESL (E-shelf labels). These can be managed and labeled centrally.

>> Product sheet NMH CoCo

NMH CoCo - Digitale Fertigung - leicht gemacht!
Anker 1

The most important functions at a glance

main menu

All modules can be selected directly in the main menu

CoCo Hauptmenü

Camera module

With the help of the camera module, individual production steps can be optically monitored and tracked directly on the machine in real time

Live Bild aus der Maschine

Order module

The worker receives all the necessary information about the order in the order module

Auftragsmodul im CoCo

Measurement and test reports

The measurement and test protocol management takes place centrally via a separate module. Operation is intuitive and can be done by touch

Digitalisiertes Messprotokoll

Tool list and management

Tools can also be measured using the integrated tool management

Digitale Werkzeugverwaltung

Warehouse management (CoLa)

The optional warehouse management in CoCo makes it possible to create a visual warehouse with shelves (and compartments)

Digitale Lagerverwaltung
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